Digital Food Cultures
King’s College London
Somerset House East Wing, room SW–2.09

Wednesday 5 July 2017

9:00am               Registration and light breakfast

9:30am               Opening Remarks (Zeena Feldman and Mike Goodman)

9:45–10:45am    Representational Power panel

  • Zeena Feldman (KCL): ‘Good Food’ in an Instagram Age
  • Nancy Thumin (Leeds): Food representation, self-representation and power

10:45–11:45am  Sex and Gender panel

  • Rachel O’Neill (York): Mediating Perfection: Femininity and Food in Digital Culture
  • Alison Winch (UEA): ‘Grill talk’: Mark Zuckerberg, meat and paternalism

11:45–12:00pm  Reflections

  • Marianne Franklin (Goldsmiths)

12:00–1:00pm    Lunch (provided)

1:00-2:30pm       Hybrid Spaces, Places and Cultures panel

  • Sara Marino (KCL): Would you Skype during dinner? Online food practices and narratives among Italians in London
  • Joanne Hollows (freelance writer and researcher): The Proof of the Pudding? Trust, experience and online recipes
  • Marianne Franklin (Goldsmiths): Farmers’ Markets and the Digital – Back(track) to Nature?

2:30–3:30pm       Labour and Neoliberalism panel

  • Christine Barnes (KCL): Jamie Oliver: digital foodscapes and everyday bipolitics
  • Bridget Conor (KCL): Thrive Cosmically! Some initial thoughts on cosmic wellness 3:30-

3:45pm                Tea break

3:45–5:30pm       Activism panel

  • Eva Giraud (Keele): Consuming and Contesting Greenwash: From food give-aways to cows on Instagram
  • Elaine Swan (Sussex): Food Hospitality Activism, Race and the Digital Everyday
  • Mike Goodman (Reading): The Empathy Machine: Virtual reality, iAnimal and the techno-biopolitics of digital foodscapes

5.30pm              Closing Remarks

  • Jo Littler (City, University of London)


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